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Attack of the 15 Basis Point Deflation Monster
September 2, 2014
Donald Luskin with research input from Lorcan Roche Kelly

A dubious deflation emergency in Europe isn't justification for such low US Treasury yields.

Europe Gets MAD
November 15, 2011
Donald Luskin

G-Pap opened Pandora's Box -- stocks are amazingly strong facing new risk of euro dissolution. 

To Get Rich is Glorious Again
December 7, 2010
Donald Luskin

The extension of the Bush-era tax cuts symbolizes that capital is still welcome in America.

Commodity Prices: Blame the Indexers?
May 28, 2008
Donald Luskin

It's an intriguing idea -- but to the extent it's true, it's only a temporary effect.

Subprime Time
February 26, 2007
Excess liquidity will absorb subprime's problems -- a Fed bailout would only add to inflation.

Avian Flu: Risk and Opportunity
March 6, 2006
Donald Luskin

When infected birds show up on US soil this year, it will be a further windfall for biotech companies.

Played Out
October 5, 2005
Donald Luskin

The pro-energy and anti-consumer consensus is ripe for reversal.

The Politics of Expansion
November 10, 2003
Donald Luskin

The conventional wisdom is catching up to the market in seeing the economic expansion -- and that presents some new risks.

Microsoft's Options Reboot
July 9, 2003
Donald Luskin

Ending option grants could be the prelude to paying out Microsoft's $46 billion hoard.

Resistance is Not Futile
November 5, 2002
Donald Luskin

In the war on capitalism, the Microsoft decision was an important victory for the capitalists -- because it shows that victory is possible.

Tempting the Monetary Fates?
June 27, 2002
David Gitlitz

Calls for the Fed to ease now are as misguided as were the calls for tightening two months ago.

Stock Options Expense: The Big Truth
May 15, 2002
Donald Luskin and Reuven Brenner

Investors are insisting that options expense be included in income statements -- but they'll be shocked when they learn how big these expenses really are.

Penron II: More Pension Tension
February 27, 2002
Donald Luskin

Enron's new pension scam will throw light on ugly pension realities across the board.

Enronic Cleansing: Be Warned
February 22, 2002
Donald Luskin

The New York Post stories about Cisco are a template for attacking every technology company in America.

Penron? Truth and Hype about "The Pension Bomb"
February 19, 2002
Donald Luskin

The impact of pension problems on earnings and balance sheets is bad enough without imagining it's another Enron.

Biotech Comes Down With Enronitis
January 24, 2002
Donald Luskin

The ImClone imPlosion has made a risky sector look even riskier. But that's not all that ails biotech.

Still Think Deflation's Just a Bugaboo?
November 15, 2001
Donald Luskin
Think again. The Fed's tight-fistedness has us on the brink of a Japan-style cycle of falling prices.

"Get the Hell Out of My Way!"
November 2, 2001
Donald Luskin

Antitrust laws are a tax -- and there are some signs that there may be a tax cut coming.

GOP to Greenspan: Drop Dead!
September 28, 2001

Republicans are furious that Alan Greenspan is siding with Robert Rubin and the Democrats against tax cuts -- and as he drains liquidity from the system, the only winner in this trainwreck will be bonds.


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